- Being on the boat was the first time I ever felt connected to my dad.
  Now that I’m back here…

- Not feeling so connected

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!

Where is the most awkward place you’ve been recognized?


"I think the biggest challenge is something I can’t talk about. Because you’ll see that, her fears and resistance to Hook in certain ways, are based on something that I can’t talk about."


Colin O’Donoghue & his gorgeous smile

/HitFix Interviews/ SDCC 2014 (Two Lies and a Truth vs. What Lies Ahead for Hook)

Outlander - Jamie Fraser [1.03]

cordelia & angel appreciation week » day 1: favorite episode 
Guess we missed our moment, huh? / Maybe we were meant to. Or maybe people like us just don’t get to…have that.



He’s trying real hard to make it work [x]

because they’re reactions were too adorable not to gif