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Eric, aka Ike Applebaum




Followers have expressed a variety of feelings concerning the first episode of Season 5, many with valid points that defy dismissal.  As it often is with True Blood, things can be viewed from a variety of perspectives.  Personally I loved it.

There are many who will disagree, but I enjoyed Eric.  Looking at things from his perspective, for over a thousand years he has closed himself off to love, especially human love.  As someone pointed out, the severity of his reaction indicates the depth of his hurt and feelings for Sookie.  Yes, he loves Pam, but he is fresh off the heartbreak of Sookie’s rejection.  He opened himself to her in a way he hasn’t to anyone since he was turned and probably even during his human life.  Could he have handled himself better?  Of course, but while Bill has had a year to adjust to his breakup with Sookie, it has just happened for Eric.  He is unable to extinguish his feelings for Sookie, even with combat-sex with Nora.  (At least Nora is someone with whom he has had a previously relationship and not just a fangbanger from Fantasia.)  I suspect he will be unable to deny his love for Sookie indefinitely.

Eric’s knee-jerk reaction to Sookie’s distress (“Fuck Sookie”) was just that, a thoughtless reaction.  His world is crumbling around him.  He and Bill have just killed a member of the Authority (Nan and her storm troopers), bringing their impending wrath and his probable execution; he is estranged from his child (Pam); and he has been rejected by the love of his existence.  It seems unfair to Sookie because she had saved his life, but he had saved Sookie’s life as well.  Yes, he’s pissed, confused, hurt, and he’s acting out in the only way he knows… self-preservation, which includes hiding his feelings.  We expect vampires to misbehave, but human men often react badly to rejection as well.  Though I don’t support his actions, I understand them.  At least he did finally decide to follow Bill, though they were unfortunately intercepted.  Some have speculated that this behavior is for Bill’s benefit.  That could very well be true.  Only time will tell.

Speaking of combat sex with Nora, I found that to be sexy.  The man is sexy no matter who he’s having sex with, but it was different from his Sookie lovemaking.  With Sookie we could see his love for her.  Clearly, sex with Nora was not lovemaking.  But, hey, the man looks good anyway.

What I believe we’re seeing with Eric is his struggle to integrate the new or hidden Eric with the old, and as if that weren’t enough, he is up to his eyeballs in vampire politics with his very life hanging in the balance.  Add to that a 3,000 year old vampire with a grudge.  That would put even Mary Poppins in a bad mood.

I have to think more about this, and probably watch it a few dozen times, but I cannot not reblog this due to Mary Poppins in a bad mood! :))

Yes, more time, more thinking, and more rewatching is required.  My brain hurts now trying to make sense of it all. :)


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    Eric’s scenes in this episode left me with a bitter aftertaste, for reasons that don’t have much to do with Sookie...
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    Yes, more time, more thinking, and more rewatching is required. My brain hurts now trying to make sense of it all. :)
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    I have to think more about this, and probably watch it a few dozen times, but I cannot not reblog this due to Mary...
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