True Blood's Valentina Cervi on Seductress Salome and Her Love for Bill and Eric

What do Salome and The Authority want from Bill and Eric?
There’s an apparent reason and it is to bring them on her side. She wants people to be on her side, and she understands who people are. At the beginning, she can’t really trust Eric. She knows Eric, she knows everything from his past, and she knows about Godric and Nora. With Bill, she feels that he is someone she can, in some way, manipulate more. At the same time, she respects Bill more because she sees his heart and she knows that he has a good heart. She’s really intrigued by him. She will have feelings for both of them during the season. It’s not that she wants something; she’s a loving character, even if it doesn’t seem like it. She’s full of love and needs to be loved. It’s complicated.

Does she actually have feelings for them or is she just using them? 

Cervi: Things will develop and will change in the course of the season. At the beginning she is just cool. She is just testing the ground with both of them. In [this Sunday’s episode], she is real. What she says is real. Of course she has her agenda, but I think that deep inside, she really feels for Bill, and for Eric in a different way, because she can’t trust him. Being a control freak as she is, she wants to know where everybody stands and she doesn’t know if he could stand next to her.

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    There’s a moral to this story, kids: Don’t mess with Eric’s girls.
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    Amen. Especially the bolded parts.
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    I think you take these things wrong, really! Valentina Cervi speaking to a journalist about Salome’s motivations and...
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    Yep, she is definitely doomed. But the good heart part about Bill is total billshit. 5 seasons, and we’re back at square...
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    Poor Salome, i think we can clearly say she will die. Bai bai Salome, nice to meet ya.
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    "She respects Bill more because she sees his heart and she knows that he has a good heart" Excuse me…but what?
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    I’m glad you can sail by Bill’s “good heart”. I am still going WTF??? She “respects Bill more because she can see he has...
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    Yep. It’s the same line ALWAYS… Eric can’t be trusted, Bill has a good heart. However, I’m assuming that the problem...
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