Similar confession: I was a little disappointed Eric and Pam didn’t get a sex scene. I wonder why they didn’t get one.

I’m actually pretty happy we didn’t see it. What we saw was lovely and tender and kind of represents what we know of their relationship.

I’m glad we didn’t, either. This wasn’t about sex, or romantic love. Their relationship was never about romance, and people who expected that missed the point. I have no idea why anyone would wait 4 years for a sex scene that would have been superflous to the story? That’s an odd expectation to have. There is nothing in TB narrative that promised a sex scene between Eric and Pam. It’s like feeling cheated when getting your pay check and not finding it to be more money than the employment contract had stipulated. It doesn’t make sense. 

TB gets accused of a lot of gratuitous sex, but it’s a misleading notion. The show has all kinds of sex, but it’s never just for the sake of showing a sex scene. There’s always a reason to enact one, and it’s usually because it demonstrates something about the characters. Filming an actual intercourse scene between Eric and Pam would have added nothing to the emotional impact and narrative significance of the event. 

I understand why Paric shippers wanted to see a sex scene with Pam and Eric (I understand why they ship Eric/Pam too). But I was glad we never got it, too. Sometimes, leaving something to our imagination isn’t a bad idea and, to me, their scenes without the actual sex being shown are much more intense and meaningful.  The intimacy and connection between them during the bed scene is something that no amount of sexual action could ever achieve.


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    This post is perfection.
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    Between Ohiogurl and EPBAS, all I can say is this:
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    Wow, way to go Swynford de Beauforts. A+ Parenting skills, there. OH FUCK. The look on Pam’s face when Eric asked her is...
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    You know, I’m glad they left it to our imaginations as well however I don’t get how it’s an odd or unreasonable...
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    Excellent points. An explicit sex scene in this situation would have indeed been counterproductive on more than one...
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    This was referenced on HBOGO that Pam was tricked into going to San Francisco by her parents after she was discovered...
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    Amen. Bold—Pam is so sad about the current state of her relationship with Eric, and she’s reminded, as are we, of why...
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    Nods slowly. We did get some nice butt action though. Just saying.
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    I have to cast my vote with those who say “thank God we didn’t see them have sex”. There are so many reasons. First of...
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    the sex would have made it superficial ,what they did was very beautiful that i felt what she felt ..yeah i’m weird