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Some ‘major’ spoilers of the next episode…

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I kinda feel it’ll be Eric. He’s the only one who could consider ‘betrayal’ when she ‘dumped’ him at the end of Season 4 (not Bill) and considering how he’ll treat Pam this episode, how Salome reminded him he got burned by Sookie i see him doing something even ‘extreme’ to Sookie. But i really hope to be wrong.

Someone who’s seen this episode told that this person is embelishing things a bit. She told that if Sookie makes an enemy of one of her past lovers, it wasn’t clear at all in the episode. She also said that the clip they released with Bill and Eric is basically it. There’s nothing more to it and it’s near the end of the episode, so you don’t see any more about it.

And oh, she said that what pissed her off big time was the secret Hadley reveals to Jason. 

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    guise, all those spoilers are making me super excited. like… THIS SEASON IS FUCKING INTERESTING! YAYY!
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    Now that’s out of the way :) Did she say anything about the dreaded Sookie and Alcide scene?
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    [[MORE]] I think it has something to do with the Fae. In US Weekly they quoted Ball: “an agreement made hundreds of...
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    Read More Thank you for the info. Of course...last part will now drive me crazy. lol
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    [[MORE]] I really don’t know. She just said it pissed her off. However, she told that if it turns out one particular...
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    I love spoilers.
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    [[MORE]] Hadley resurfaces! apparently Sookie has sex with Alcide. What was that stuff about the immortal enemy? It’s...
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    say i hate Hadley? all this shit, I just hate her maybe just as much as i hate...
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    All my thoughts exactly, SH! :)
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