I like this but don’t simultaneously… I’m all for Eric/Sookie, so I’m kinda glad that this shows his feelings are still there for her. But his exterior is still/ gonna be all “I’m not actually interested anymore, Sookie.” So what does that leave her with?

Sookie won’t have Eric, Bill or Alcide. She also doesn’t have Tara right now and probably won’t for a while if ever again, and Lafayette is going mental/ isn’t too happy with Sook.

So, Sookie gets no one?

After she was selfless enough to left both the men she loved go so she wasn’t untrue to either? I get that’s she’s broke your heart Eric and that no one women has ever seen you in such a vulnerable state or probably even ever rejected you. But come on, this girl is gonna end up committing suicide.

I don’t see it that way, you know. She will still have Alcide, just not romantically.
I know it’s really high-handed of him to do that but well… I don’t know, I’m just happy to see that he’s really just a big faker. :)

Besides, I don’t think Sookie is really interested in Alcide romantically. 

It was high handed of him - but I agree Sookie probably isn’t interested in Alcide at a deep level. She was hurting and he was there - that was about it. But if she ever learns of this, Eric will get an earful!

Oh, it can come back to bite him in the ass that’s for sure. 
Now, I’m just imagining Sookie calling him on that and he looking at her kinda like saying, “I’m not even sorry”.  LOL

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    I don’t like Alcide at all but this scene in season 5 made me laugh so hard because HIS FACE
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