I don’t know if this has been brought up before…

But since we’re all guessing Bill is fake-glamouring Sookie for the Authority’s benefit, what if the Alcide glamouring is fake too? Haven’t people been saying supernaturals in general can’t be glamoured (in the books)? What if Eric and Alcide are…

That’s an interesting theory for sure.  It very well could be that Bill is pretending to glamor Sookie since the Authority wouldn’t necessarily know Sookie can’t be glamored, but they might know whether a were could be glamored.  Even if Eric is “fake” glamoring Alcide, Eric is still making a point to Alcide to keep his paws off Sookie, romantically anyway.  It will definitely be interesting to see.

true, Authority members would probably know a werewolf if they smelled them, but are any authority members really there? I suppose it’s just their gay stormtrooper team, and aren’t those humans? I don’t know…

bue yes, Eric would STILL be making his point… but I just wondered because we were show both scenes, in different clips, and TB LOVES misleading us with those ;)

Kibwe is there and the Authority storm troopers are no humans, they are vampires too. :)

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