You know what “chaps my ass”? The complete lack of consideration the TB writers give to the maker/child bond. It makes no sense at this point. Eric didn’t feel anything to warn him of Nora’s death. Even if they rarely meet in person, they are still bound together by blood. His blood is Godric’s blood, as is her. He would have felt at least a small void by her true death. Yet, he fell for the lie hook, line and sinker.

What’s worst, Pam and Jessica are the direct progenies of Eric and Bill. However, they feel absolutely nothing while their makers are being tortured and interrogated. Jessica’s having a frat party and Pam’s at work, sending Eric voicemails. What the hell? They feel nothing? Does their bond short circuit if it goes too far outside their wireless network? Seriously.

Pam didn’t feel Tara getting burned by the silver.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Pam and Tara, does a Maker’s command mean absolutely nothing anymore? Pam very specifically said “Stay in the house” and we saw Tara try to go through the glass door but couldn’t. Yet, the next night, she ran through the front door like it was the easiest task in the world.