The Kiss 

A couple intertwined,

A man in love,

lost in his kiss,

One with his woman.

A woman surrendering to her passion,

closing her eyes,

to the doubts or censures, 

embracing happiness.

Erotic, emotional, physical connection,

natural and powerful intimacy,

Eternity in a moment of pleasure,

A Kiss.


"Boys only"

Actual Puppy Dog Eric Northman


My favorite scenes, in no particular order 14(x)

True Blood - Dreams | Eric & Sookie (1)



Favorite Eric and Sookie moments (11/~)

Oh, how I love this moment. How he goes from morose to flirty and teasing, and the look and smile on Sookie’s face when she realizes exactly what he’s up to.

It’s pure Eric and she knows it. 

Yes. Epic and magical! My bbbssss